1948 United States presidential election (Blood and Soil)

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1948 United States presidential election

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531 members of the Electoral College
266 electoral votes needed to win
Turnout 52.2% Decrease 3.7% pp

Nominee Douglas MacArthur Harry S. Truman Strom Thurmond
Party Republican Democratic Dixiecrat
Home state New York Missouri South Carolina
Running mate Harold Stassen Alben W. Barkley Fielding L. Wright
Electoral vote 410 68 38
States carried 38 6 4
Popular vote 26,138,161 20,029,336 1,175,930
Percentage 53.6% 41.1% 2.4%

President before election

Harry S. Truman

Elected President

Douglas MacArthur

The 1948 United States presidential election was the 41st quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 2, 1948. Incumbent Democratic President Harry S. Truman lost his bid for a second term to Republican nominee General of the Army Douglas MacArthur in a landslide.