1964 United States House of Representatives elections (Nixon's The One!)

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1962 United States Senate elections

← 1960 November 3, 1964 1964 →

38 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate
51 seats needed for a majority

  Majority party Minority party
Leader John W. McCormack Charles A. Halleck
Party Democratic Republican
Leader since January 10, 1962 January 3, 1959
Leader's seat Massachusetts 9th Indiana 2nd
Seats before 278 seats 156 seats
Seats after 248 187
Seat change Decrease 30 Increase 31
Percentage 52.1% 45.4%
Swing Decrease 3.3% Increase 1.3%

Results of the elections:
     Democratic hold      Democratic gain
     Republican hold      Republican gain
     No election

House Speaker before election

John W. McCormack

Elected House Speaker

John W. McCormack