1968 United States presidential election (Nixon's The One!)

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1968 United States presidential election
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← 1964 November 5, 1968 1972 →

538 members of the Electoral College
270 electoral votes needed to win
Turnout 61.9% Decrease 0.9 pp

  Hubert Humphrey crop.jpg Paul Bagwell.png George C Wallace.jpg
Nominee Hubert Humphrey Paul Bagwell George Wallace
Party Democratic Republican States' Rights
Home state Minnesota Michigan Alabama
Running mate John Connally John Volpe Happy Chandler
Electoral vote 386 90 39
States carried 27 + DC 16 7
Popular vote 36,153,186 32,635,349 2,048,539
Percentage 50.8% 46.2% 2.9%

1968 US presidential election.svg (Nixon's The One!).svg
Presidential election results map. Blue denotes states won by Humphrey/Connally, red denotes those won by Bagwell/Volpe, orange denotes the electoral votes for Wallace/Chandler. Numbers indicate the number of electoral votes allotted to each state.

President before election

Richard Nixon

Elected President

Hubert Humphrey

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