2024 Republican Party presidential primaries (We Won This Election)

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2024 Republican Party presidential primaries
Template:Country data United States
← 2020 January 15 to June 11, 2024 2028 →

2,429 delegates (2,272 pledged and 157 unpledged) to the Republican National Convention
1,215 votes needed to win

Candidate Ron DeSantis Mike Pence
Home state Florida Indiana
Estimated delegate count TBD TBD
Contests won 2 1
Popular vote TBD TBD
Percentage TBD TBD

Candidate Nikki Haley Larry Hogan
Home state South Carolina Maryland
Estimated delegate count TBD 3
Contests won 0 0
Popular vote TBD 9,218
Percentage TBD 2.2%

First place by first-instance vote

Previous Republican nominee

Donald Trump

Presumptive Republican nominee