Achille Fontanelli

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Achille Fontanelli
President of the republic
In office
26 January 1802 – 17 March 1805
Preceded by establish
Succeeded by Francesco Melzi d'Eril
Personal details
Born 8 November 1775
Died 22 July 1838

Achille Fontanelli Was the first president of the Italian Republic and the first and only president to finish his term as president.

Early life

Fontanelli was born in Modena on 8 November 1775 to a minor Italian aristocratic family, son of Marquis Alfonso and Paolina Cervi. His parents died while he was young.

as president

He was elected as president in 1802 and some of the members of the Italian government we voted against him luckily he to beat them The government was unhealthy and corrupt with so many members arguing and start rebellions he finishes his term and he was the only one to finish the term.

Personal life

He was retired as soon as the government was falling down, he died on 22 July 1838.