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The Alternate History Wiki on Miraheze is a wiki where anyone can create alternate history timelines and collaborate on scenarios. It was founded by JoshuaTheRoman, one of the administrators on the Alternate History Wiki on Wikia (now rebranded as FANDOM) on May 18th, 2017.

Currently, we host 187 articles and we have 10 active users on this wiki.

The Alternate History Wiki here on Miraheze is considered to be a successor to the Alternate History Wiki on Wikia/FANDOM, which it came from the wiki. Although we maintain separate communities, many users from FANDOM are moving over to Miraheze, due to Wikia's (now known as FANDOM) recent policies which are regarded as being non-user friendly, as well as a history of Wikia from abusive administrator, compared with Miraheze's features.

Hopefully, this wiki will be a place where those users can start a new and we hope to grow into a welcoming community full of quality alternate histories.


The original Alternate History Wiki on Wikia (now FANDOM) was founded on January 6th, 2005 by a user named Nik42 of Ill Bethisad back when the wikifarm was known as Wikicities. Many early users of the site came from other websites and forums in the alternate history community such as and, as well as the Yahoo! Conculture Group, the CONLANG mailing list of Brown University and Usenet groups such as soc.history.what-if.

It is also related to the Future Wiki also on FANDOM as many users are active on both sites and are about related topics (with the Future Wiki being about future history and futurology). Other related wikis are the Conlang Wikia, the Map Game Wiki, the AltFuture Wiki and the Constructed Worlds Wiki (now Altverse on Miraheze).

Overtime, the wiki has gotten a bad reputation among its users due to its abusing admins and the general toxicity of the community. As a result, many users have left and created spinoffs of AltHistory FANDOM, such as The Alternate History Wikia, DifferentHistory Wikia and The ‘Implausible’ Alternate History Wiki, just to name a few.

Eventually, AltHistory FANDOM and its administration was restructured as some of the abusive admins have left and the wiki has started to improve. However, Wikia as a whole has started to decline when it began its rebranding as FANDOM. Wikia, being a for-profit service, uses advertising on their wikis which often gets in the way with the style of the wiki, and their staff members have also been known to be abusive at times. And so many Wikia/FANDOM users have been looking for alternatives such as ShoutWiki and Miraheze. (see the Anti-Wikia Alliance on ShoutWiki)

JoshuaTheRoman, who is also one of the founders of The Alternate History Wikia and one of the admins (lieutenants) on AltHistory FANDOM, created the new Alternate History Wiki, first on ShoutWiki and later here on Miraheze. It was later adopted by Sapphire Williams, who is also the founder of the Future History Wiki and former Wikia/Fandom user on December 7th, 2018 after a long preparation.

The original AltHistory Wiki on FANDOM is still very active, with over 70,000 pages and over 230 active users as of June 2022, and as of now not many people have been coming over here. So we are in need of new users and content. Hopefully, this will be the place for new beginnings and hope that you start your new timeline today.

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