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Welcome to the chat portal for the Alternate History Wiki.

  • Join our Wiki Chat here
  • Join our IRC channel on (#alternatehistory_miraheze) here (direct link) or here (webclient)
  • Discord server might be coming soon (see the discussion page for more information)

How to Join

Web Chat

In order to join our Wiki Chat, you must have a Miraheze user account and be logged in since it's integrated into the website. Unregistered anonymous users cannot participate in that chat. The Wiki Chat feature is built-in to the site as a MediaWiki extension. The Wiki Chat can be accessed on the special page Special:Chat. If you would like to access it, please login or create an account before clicking the link.

If you are an unregistered user and don't want to create an account here, you can join our IRC or Discord chat instead if you have an account for these services.

Internet Relay Chat (freenode)

To join our IRC server, you will need an IRC client software (such as the ChatZilla extension for Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox and SeaMonkey, HexChat for a graphical client or irssi for a terminal client) or use freenode's Kiwi IRC webclient. If you never used an IRC client, because it's mainly command-based it is recommend to read the documentation on how to use it and learn its commands. Because IRC is mainly text-based, it is harder to use and of course you have to learn different commands on how to use it. Once you have your IRC client up and running, connect to the server or with the command /connect or /server Some commands might vary depending on which client you are using.

Because freenode's services are separate from Miraheze, you don't need a Miraheze account to participate. You can connect and join in unregistered as a guest, or you can create a freenode account. If you don't have a freenode account already, you will need to register your nickname with the command (replaced italicized words with your proper information) /msg NickServ REGISTER username password, then verify your e-mail (more detailed instructions for that are linked here). After you registered your nickname and verified your e-mail on freenode, you can log in with the command /msg NickServ IDENTIFY username password) and join our channel at #alternatehistory_miraheze with the command /join #alternatehistory_miraheze.

Anonymous users who do not have a registered Miraheze account can use this chat if they have a freenode account. Chat moderators who have freenode accounts are given half-operator status and wiki administrators are given full-operator status on the IRC chat room.




This page is a wiki policy. It is recommended for all users to read this page periodically as these are subject to change.

User conduct policies on this wiki apply to all of our chats, including the Wiki Chat, the IRC chat and the Discord server. So please:

  • Be civil and be respectful of other users and their opinions.
  • No 'flaming' or 'trolling', or being aggressive towards other users.
  • No harassment or asking for personal details of other users that they wish not to share.
  • Moderate swearing is allowed as long as it doesn't go out of control.
  • Do not post pornography, gore, NSFW/NSFL or illegal content and links/directories.
  • Discussion of politics is allowed to some extent, but please refrain from discussing controversial or sensitive topics, or trying to shove ideas down other people's throats.
  • Do not create chat-bots without admin/OP permission and approval.
  • Sharing of links is allowed as long as it's relevant to the discussion, it's not intended to promote or advertise, and does not link to an adult, illegal or scamming website.
  • Do not 'spam', or type random or repetitive posts over and over for no reasons.
  • No soliciting or offering to sell something.
  • No discussion of sex-related topics or asking other users for sexual or romantic favors/encounters.

Please keep in mind there might be younger users on this wiki. The chats are moderated by chat moderators and half-operators, as well as administrators. Violations to these rules may result in a kick or ban from the chat, depending on severity. If it gets too out of hand, it might be necessary to shut down the chats.