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Welcome to the nominations page for next month's featured timelines on the Alternate History Wiki.

For past nominations, please see the archive subpage.

Criteria for timeline nomination

For a timeline to be nominated as a candidate for featured article, it must first be a good quality timeline. This is to make sure that timelines that were nominated for featured timeline have quality and are complete and well-written and that readers liked the timeline, rather than putting a featured timeline just to have something on the front page even if they are poorly written and incomplete.

Voting, nomination and selection policy

All autoconfirmed users can nominate or vote on featured article nominations. You may nominate your own timeline or another user's timeline, but it must be considered a good quality timeline first. This is to make sure that any timelines submitted to be featured on the front page are well-written, complete and have enough content as well as having good reception among the community, and not to add otherwise incomplete, stubby and poorly written timelines just to have something on the front page every month.

When a timeline has been nominated, a notice is placed at the top of the main page of the timeline stating that it has been nominated for featured timeline and contains a link to this page where you can vote for the timeline to be featured.

This is a competitive vote and for each monthly nomination, each user can only vote for one timeline, although they are allowed to change their vote at any time during the nomination.

By the end of the month, the article with the most votes is selected to be next month's featured article on the front page.

Only one timeline can be featured per month. If by the end of the month more than one timeline has the same amount of the highest votes, the nomination time will be extended until the tie has been broken.

If no timeline has been chosen for featured article for a given month, then the nominations will be skipped for the next month. The previous month's featured article will remain on the front page for the time being.

A previous featured timeline cannot be nominated again, as we want to keep new content fresh and give each timeline an opportunity. However, timelines that were nominated in the past that did not ended up being featured can be nominated again.

Current nominations