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Welcome to the map games list and information page on the Alternate History Wiki. Map games are a form of role-playing games, more specifically a play-by-wiki game in which a map game creator starts with a scenario, such as a map of the world at a particular time period in the past, and each user signs up to control a nation and take turns making changes to the map by setting up events which occur, and in each turn a set amount of time has past, until a time limit or winning goal has been reached. It is a form of a collaborative alternate history timeline.

Remember, when creating a map game, it should be on the Map Game namespace, not the main namespace.


For policies regarding the creation, hosting, moderation and participation of map games, please read the guidelines subpage.


This list is updated manually. If you are creating a map game, please place it in the pending section before it is ready. Once a playing slot is available and your map game is ready, move it to the active section. After the game has been finished, move it to the concluded section.

You can also see an automatically updated list of map games and their subpages here.

Active Games

List of games which are currently on-going.

There should only be three (3) active map games at a time.

Inactive Games

Games which are unfinished but are not currently active.

Pending Games

Newly created games which are under preparation, or are awaiting an active playing slot.

Concluded Games

Games which are finished and are kept as archived.