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This is the nominations page for good quality alternate history timelines on the Alternate History Wiki.

Timelines which become good quality timelines are not featured on the main page right away, but allows them to be nominated for featured timeline on the front page each month.

Criteria for good quality timeline

For a timeline to be nominated as a timeline of good quality, the timeline should be:

  • Well-written: The language use is formal and clear, has good grammar, and is of good style.
  • Plausible: The events and occurrences in the timeline are reasonably believable and occurs in a logical manner.
  • Non-biased: The timeline is not very opinionated and is does not lean to personal political or ideological views.
  • Content: The content and details are comprehensive, and include pictures, maps, flags, etc. The history is well researched from various reliable sources. Has articles on countries, events, people, etc. involved in the timeline and is well integrated.
  • Length and structure: The articles should be long with relevant details and maintain a neat structure of headings. But remember, quality is more important than quantity.

Voting policy

All autoconfirmed users can vote to support or oppose for the timeline to be chosen for good quality, and users can vote for more than one article. It is not a competitive vote, and timelines with strong support are chosen as good quality timelines. There is no time limit for maximum nomination time, but enough time should be given so that everyone has had a chance to vote. A nomination by a user counts as that user's vote.

How to vote

Current nominations

For past nominations, see archive.