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This page is a wiki policy. It is recommended for all users to read this page periodically as these are subject to change.

These are the timelines for map games created on the Alternate History Wiki, regarding the creation, hosting and participation of map games here on this wiki.

Naming Policy

In order to separate map games from timelines and other content, we have created a separate Map Game namespace for map games on this wiki. And thus the naming scheme for map games are different than for timeline articles. So any map games created on this wiki should be titled with the prefix Map Game: before their name and should belong to that namespace, followed by the actual title of the map game, in such that it is named in whole Map Game:Title of map game. Any articles and information that are part of the map game but should have a separate content space from the main page should be created as subpages to the main portal page. Subpages are created by addding a forward slash (/) at the end of the page's title, followed by the title of the subpage in such Map Game:Title of map game/title of subpage. All subpages should be listed and linked under a section on the main page.

The main namespace is reserved only for timeline portal pages and their articles. Any map game created in the main namespace will be moved to the Map Game namespace.

Scope and Content of Map Games

As per the explanation of the purpose of this wiki and its content, map games should follow the same policy in which they are alternate history-based only, and the game ends when the game reaches the present day (or a few years after), or it can be set to stop in the past.

User Conduct

The policy on user conduct applies to participation in map games. Please be civil and respectful of other participants in the game. Play fair and square and maintain good sportsmanship.

Particular map games may also have their own additional rules set by their creator(s) or moderator(s) or whoever runs them.

Activity Policy

For now, it has been decided that up to three (3) map games may be active simultaneously at a given time. Also, map games which has shown no activity for at least a week, which is seven (7) days, are considered inactive and are removed from the active playing slot until users show interests in the game again and there are active playing slots available for it. When a map game is removed from the active playing slot, the next pending map game replaces it, and the inactive map game must wait until the active playing slot is available again in order to resume. If players have no interest in resuming the game, then it will remain inactive.

Pending and inactive map games should have a notice at the top of their portal page to indicate their status. Once active that notice should be removed.

For a map game that is currently under preparation and pending active status, players are allowed to sign up during this period, but the game should not start until there is an active playing slot available. A map game that is pending while in preparation will not be moved to the active slot until the map game has finished preparation and is ready to be played once an active slot is available.

When a game is finished (when the playthrough is considered over under the conditions set by the map game), there will be no more turns to the game. It will be taken out of the active playing slot and are kept in its own section as an archive. There must be no further edits or turns in a concluded map game, and concluded map games cannot be continued. If you would like to restart a map game, just create a new one with the same starting map and scenario.