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This is the administration list on the Alternate History Wiki, which lists the bureaucrats, administrators, forum administrators, chat moderators, and rollbackers on this wiki. The users on this list are trusted members of this community who are given additional tools and access on this site.

If you are having any issues on this site and you would like to bring this to the administration’s attention, then please leave them in the talk page or on the admin’s user talk page, or you can e-mail a complaint to an admin. You can also let us know at the admin's notice board on the Wiki forum.

Reports and other requests requiring administrative actions should be posted on the administration talk page or direct message one of its members in their user talk pages.

If there are no active administrators present on this wiki, or if the administration becomes dysfunctional, you can instead contact a Miraheze Steward on their noticeboard for any problems. Miraheze Stewards have the same rights and power over this wiki (and all other wikis on Miraheze) as bureaucrats and they also have the right to ban, delete, promote/demote and perform other administrative actions. Miraheze staff and volunteers are not included on this list but you can check them out on Miraheze Meta.

This administration list is updated manually. If a user has been granted a user right, please place their names in the proper category. Likewise if they have been demoted or if their user rights have been removed, remove them from the list.

For a list of all active users on this wiki, which is updated automatically, see Special:ActiveUsers.



See list of bureaucrats.

A bureaucrat is a user who can promote other users to any of these user rights groups, as well as demote users from most user rights groups. They can also manage and change the wiki's additional core settings, such as adding or removing MediaWiki extensions, features, namespaces, user rights, etc. Bureaucrats cannot be demoted by another bureaucrat; only Miraheze stewards can demote local bureaucrats. Bureaucrats are also administrators. Bureaucrat rights are granted by other bureaucrats.

The duties of a bureaucrat are:

  • To set the rules, policies and guidelines of the wiki
  • To approve nominations for users into the administration, and to grant or remove user rights according to that user's previous actions, performance, reputation and skill as well as the needs of the wiki and its community
  • To manage wiki-wide settings, extensions, and other features based on the needs of the wiki and its community
  • To direct the entire administration in its operation and responsibilities
  • To manage relations between this wiki's administration and Miraheze staff

The bureaucrats on this wiki are:


See list of administrators.

An administrator, admin for short, or less commonly sysop is a user who can delete pages and files, protect pages from editing by unregistered users or non-admins, and block other users from editing. They can also edit MediaWiki pages and thus can make limited superficial changes the site's interfaces and designs, import pages, rename and move pages without restriction, and edit admin-protected pages. Administrators cannot promote or grant other users rights and permissions. Adminship rights are granted to a user by a bureaucrat.

The administrators of this wiki are the ones who enforce the policies of this wiki. They are also given full operator (OP) status in the IRC chat.

The duties of an administrator are:

  • To enforce the rules and policies of the entire wiki, making sure its users abide to it
  • To maintain the upkeep and function of the wiki
  • To remove pages and other offending content that violate the rules or don't follow the guidelines
  • To ban problematic users who are being disruptive to the wiki and to the rest of the community
  • To help other users with tasks and requests, including ones that involve administrative action
  • To approve community decisions

The administrators on this wiki are:

  • All the bureaucrats on this wiki, who are also required to have adminship rights.

Forum moderators

See list of forum moderators.

A forum moderator or forum mods is a user who can create, edit, or delete categories, treads and other user's replies in the forums. They are the ones who moderate the forums and enforce the forum policies.

The duties of a forum moderators are:

  • To make sure the forums remain civil
  • To delete threads that are not in-topic with the board or violate the rules, or to move them to a board that is more appropriate to the topic of the thread.

The forum mods on this wiki are:

  • All the administrators on this wiki, since admins are automatically given the right of forum admin.

Chat moderators

See list of chat moderators.

A chat moderator or chat mod is a user who can kick users out of the chats as well as ban them from accessing the chat rooms. They are given the status of chat moderator on the wiki chat as well as given half-operator (Half OP) status in the IRC chat.

The duties of a chat moderator are:

  • To make sure our chats remain civil and that users are abiding to chat rules
  • To kick or ban users who are being provocative or violate the chat rules
  • To calm down or deescalate any discussion which becomes heated

The chat moderators on this wiki are:

  • All the administrators on this wiki, since admins are automatically given the right of chat moderator and are also given full operator status in the IRC chat.


See list of rollbackers.

A rollbacker is a user who can quickly revert edits on a page made by the same user back to the last editor.

The duties of a rollbacker are:

  • To patrol articles and other pages throughout the wiki for vandalism and other content violations
  • To revert offending edits and other changes
  • To report any content violations and users to the administration

The rollbackers on this wiki are:

  • All the administrators on this wiki, since admins are automatically given the right of rollbacker.

How to Request for User Rights

If you would like to nominate yourself or another user who meet the criteria, and you feel that you or another user can be trusted to have these responsibilities, as well as vote on current nominations, please see the request subpage.