Austrian Empire

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Empire of Austria

Kaisertum Österreich
Flag of
Coat of arms of Austria
Coat of arms
Capital Vienna
Government Absolute monarchy
• 11 August 1804-19 December 1833
Joseph I
• 10 December 1937-
Karel II
• Proclamation
11 August 1804
• Constitution adopted
20 October 1880
• Joined the European Union
1 January 1995
Currency Euro
ISO 3166 code [[ISO 3166-2:Template:ISO 3166 code|Template:ISO 3166 code]]

Austria formally the Austrian Empire is a landlocked country in Central Europe, lying in the Eastern Alps.Austria is bordered by Germany to the northwest, the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia to the northeast, Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west. The country occupies an area of 83,879 km2 (32,386 sq mi) and has a population of around 9 million.


The empire was formed by Joseph I Johann who became the first emperor. He was given the land by his friend Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor who had been in debt with the country and decides to give his friend the country. The Constitution was adopted in 20 October 1888.Austro-Prussian War Begin in 14 June 1866 but Austria won in the war. They stayed neutral in both world wars and join the European Union in 1 January 1995. They currently have a population of around 9 million.


The Country is currently a Absolute monarchy with no prime Minister where the emperor could decide or not decide on law.


They recognize many countries, including continents like .Europe .Americas And have many peace treaties with many countries.


They have many school subjects that everyone has to study.