Bahia 2024 election

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← 2020 10 April 2024 (1st round)
24 April 2024 (2nd round)
2028 →

Nominee Ulysses Huang Fernanda Gonzaga
Party Christian People's Party Socialist League
Alliance National Union Democratic Alliance
Home state Barreiras Vera Cruz
Popular vote 9,767,457 8,886,417
Percentage 52.36% 47.64%

President before election

Miguel Ibrahim
Socialist League

Elected President

Ulysses Huang
Christian People's Party

Presidential elections were held in Bahia on 10 and 24 April 2024. As no candidate won a majority in the first round, a runoff was held, in which Ulysses Huang defeated Fernanda Gonzaga and was elected as President of Bahia. Huang became the first president from the right-wing, Christian People's Party to win a presidential bid since Kristina Cruz won in 1988.

In the first round, Gonzaga took the lead with 27.9% of votes, followed by Huang with 23.2%, Jozé Ajimobi of the Liberal Democratic Party with 22%, and Fatima Ferreira of the Republican Pact with 7.1%. Muhammad Faruq of the Muslim Brotherhood took 4.8% of the vote, and , Daniel Reys governor of Conquista and Communist Party candidate, 1.8%. The Liberal Democrats, considered to be the dominant party on the right-wing until 2020, received its worst result in a presidential election.

In the second round, Huang beat Gonzaga with 52.4% of the vote to her 47.6%, a narrower margin than in the 2020 election. Ulysses Huang took office 2 July 2024 as the 53rd President of the Republic of Bahia.