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This is going to be a timeline in which small changes will be made to our world. The division of the Middle East has been changed for a Saudi Arabia, Hashemite Syria, Pan-Arab Mesopotamia, Kurdistan, and still a Mandatory Palestine; America will be stronger, Israel and Zionism will be more aggressive, Germany will be unified under democratic rule in 1948, Korea will be unified under democratic rule in 1951 and the Republic of China will be stronger, Hungary will be liberated by NATO in 1956, the Bay of Pigs Invasion will succeed in 1961, the Cuban Missile Crisis will be replaced by the Turkish missile crisis in which the USA refuses to back down, Kennedy will not be killed in 1963, Zaire will become a monarchy under Motubu in 1964, the USA will do far better in Vietnam, winning the war under Nixon in 1972. the Republican Revolution will still happen and be stronger than in OTL, and Reagan will collapse Soviet power with liberations of Poland in 1982 and Czechoslovakia in 1985; Central and South America will stay democratic and nationalist without many coups or civil wars due to help from the CIA, and with the end of the Cold War