Blood and Soil

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What if Nazi Germany managed to win the war in Europe?

Point of Divergence

On 24 May 1940, Adolf Hitler rejects General Gerd von Rundstedt's stop order, and counters his request with an order to attack the British and French at Dunkirk. The battle is a complete failure for the Western Allies, and the newly formed Churchill government collapses in the following weeks. A new government is formed by Lord Halifax, who announces his intentions to end the war with Germany.

With the western front closed and no North African campaign, scores of German units bogged down in our timeline are available in our timeline for an offense into the Soviet Union. Moscow falls to Germany in 1942, with Joseph Stalin committing suicide to avoid capture. An emergency government led by Laventry Beria and Vyacheslav Molotov flees east until they reach Tyumen. As Germany reaches the Ural mountains in the spring of 1942, Beria offers peace to Germany. Hitler takes all Soviet territories west of the Urals as part of Lebensraum (Blood and Soil).

The Pacific War goes much faster than our timeline due to the availability of armed forces. Japan surrenders by October 1943 after the brutal invasion of Kyushu and Emperor Hirohito's surrender via radio address.