British-French war of 2024

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The British-French war of 2024 is a war that took place from the 28th of February till the 04th of March 2024 in the English Channel.The war started when the french Armée de l'air et de l'espace launched attacks on military boats in the English channel.This war took place a few days prior to NATO's fall.

In the early hours , the french airforce carried numerous attacks on bases in the English channel and airbases across the United Kingdom in effort to destabilize the territory before a land invasion of the UK.The Great battles of the English Channels occurred between the French Navy and the British Navy.

After the Battle of the English Channel , the EEC , an alliance between France , Spain , Belgium , Germany , Poland , Norway , and Sweden was remade in an attempt to beat the United Kingdom. This war caused ~350 casualities for the UK , and ~1200 casualities for the EEC and it's Allies. The war was only a few days and has been widely recognized as the second shortest war ever in the world , behind the Anglo-Zanzibar War.

The cause of this war has been widely hypothesized as the rivalry between France and the UK in Europe due to their race for power , even when France has fallen far behind the likes of the United Kingdom.

This war can also be called as the Great European War , but cannot be as it is only a few days.

Globally , there is not alot to say about this war , as it is only a few days.

The map of the war , from 29/02/24 to 04/03/24.