Charles Brooke

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Charles Brooke
king of SaraPitcairn
In office
30 November 1844 – April 18 1847
Preceded by Thursday October Christian II
Succeeded by abolish Archduke Friedrich as emperor
Personal details
Born 3 June 1829
Berrow Vicarage, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, England
Died 17 May 1917
Political party Pitcairnly party

Charles Brooke was the last king of SaraPitcairn until he was overthrown in 1847.

early life

Charles Anthoni Johnson, was born in England, to the Rev. Francis Charles and Emma Frances Johnson, née Brooke. Emma was the younger sister of James Brooke,

as king

when Thursday October Christian II die he had no heir so Charles became king of the island he got involved in trouble so when he lost some of his powers some of his Friends riot in 1847. They managed to overthrow him replacing him with Friedrich Ferdinand Leopold making the Empire of raj of SaraPitcairn.

Personal life

After he was overthrown he attempted to kill his self 3 times. And Started drinking and died of a stroke.