E Pluribus Unum

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E Pluribus Unum is an alternate history timeline exploring an altered American Revolution and the changed history of the United States and, effectively, the world.

Points of Divergence

  • First POD: In the winter of 1773, Quebec Governor Guy Carleton is murdered in a botched burglary, however the British initially believe it was Canadien nationalists who killed Carleton. As a result, French Canada does not get special privileges from London and the British crack down hard on Quebec. As a result, the Invasion of Quebec is a success due to Quebecois partisans and several militias are raised. A delegation is also raised and assembled and sent to Philadelphia in the autumn of 1775.
  • Second POD: The delegation from Georgia is ambushed by loyalists and unable to reach Philadelphia. Two changes occur due to this. The first change is that Quebec, not Georgia, is considered one of the thirteen founding states. The second change is that without another southern vote and an added northern vote, Thomas Jefferson's anti-slavery clause is added to the Declaration of Independence.
  • Third POD: General George Washington is sniped by Patrick Ferguson at the Battle of Brandywine. While a loss of morale is felt, General Artemas Ward takes his place and Washington becomes a martyr for the cause. Ultimately, Ward proves himself to be an effective and unifying commander, ultimately being elected the 1st President of the United States.