Every Man a King

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Why weep or slumber America?
Land of brave and true
With castles, and clothing, and food for all
All belongs to you
Every man a king! Every man a king!

The Late U.S. Senator Huey Long was a controversial figure, both in his time and in contemporary literature. On one hand, he is often viewed as one of the leading figures in the American left, advocating for populist policies that would have redistributed wealth. On the other hand, he often was viewed as a demagogue, who exercised his power through tyranny and as a sort of "dictator in waiting."

Long was an early ally of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and helped him earn the White House in 1932. The two drifted apart politically - Long allegedly wanted the president to be more radical in his New Deal Reforms, while Roosevelt took a more middle ground approach in an attempt to keep the party united. Long's frustrations would grow throughout the President's first term. Long eventually decided to seek the presidency for himself, writing a novel titled "My First Days in the White House"

He would never publish that novel - on September 10, 1935 Huey Long was assassinated, one of only three members of congress to meet such an end, and the book would be published posthumously. Since his life was cut short, the death of Huey long has been a popular topic of speculation among the Alternate History community.

This timeline represents my take on the matter, exploring a world where Huey Long survives, documenting how his survival shifts US politics and even World History.

This timeline operates on two main Points of Divergence (PODs):

  • First, Franklin Delano Roosevelt passes away of a stroke in 1935, near the end of his first term in office.
  • Second, stemming from that first POD, Huey Long is not assassinated in September of 1935, as he is not in Louisiana at that time. While there is eventually another attempt on his life, he ultimately survives.

A number of divergences occur as a result of those two changes, and more major PODs may be added as time goes on.