Fletcher Christian

Fletcher Christian was a rebel leader and Republican who is one of the founders of the island. and one of the first leaders that wanted a Republic.

Fletcher Christian
leader of SaraPitcairn
In office
3 October 1793 – 9 October 1793
Preceded by James Brooke
Succeeded by James Brooke
Personal details
Born 25 September 1764
Moorland Close, Eaglesfield, Cumberland, England
Died 20 September 1830
Raj of SaraPitcairn
Political party Sarawaky party

early life

Christian was born on 25 September 1764, at his family home of Moorland Close, Eaglesfield, near Cockermouth in Cumberland, England. Fletcher's father's side had originated from the Isle of Man and most of his paternal great-grandfathers were historic Deemsters, their original family surname McCrystyn.

As Leader

After James (Who is the king at the time) had a argument with one of his friends he stomped off, leaving the capital city it’s unknown where he went but after a few hours, they decided to self proclaim fletcher as Leader he tried to make a new constitution and try to give all people rights but the king came back after a few days so he was unrecognized he self proclaim himself as president of the island, but after a few years, he eventually stopped.

Personal life

The man would love to go fishing and we books he always says that he want to die peacefully with somebody that he knows and he manage to die with his great friend Ned young who was watching him as he dies peacefully he later on made a book about his good friend.