Frédéric-César de La Harpe

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Frédéric-César de La Harpe
President of the Directory
In office
7 January 1808 – 30 March 1813
Preceded by Alois von Reding
Succeeded by Philipp Albert Stapfer
Personal details
Born 6 April 1754
Rolle, Switzerland
Died 30 March 1838
Lausanne, Switzerland

Frédéric-César de La Harpe Was the fourth president of the Helvetic Confederation he and Peter Ochs drawing up the constitution of the modern Switzerland.

Early life

La Harpe was born in 1754 in Rolle, Vaud, Switzerland, to Sigismond de la Harpe and Sophie Dorothée Crinsoz de Colombier.

the relationship with Johann Lukas Legrand

his relationship with johann was a “very good one” he spent more time with johann then his own family and lived with him for most of his life but when johann moved out in 1829 to France he lived by himself in his friend house until he died.

as president

he was a monarchist he wanted a kingdom he even wanted Alois von Reding to become king but he didn’t make a kingdom instead he was replaced with Philipp Albert Stapfer.

Personal life

between 1817 and 1826 he was a liberal member of the Grand Council of Vaud. He died in Lausanne on 30 March 1838, aged 83.