Great Jewish Revolt (66 AD)

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The Great Jewish Revolt (Hebrew: מרד הגדול יחודי) was an organized Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire. It lasted from 66 to 73 AD and resulted in the reestablishment of the Kingdom of Judea under the Davidic Monarchy.

The war began in A.D 66 as the Jewish resentment against Roman rule and rivalries between rich and poor, urban and rural, and Halachic vs Hellenist all came to a head. The mismanagement by Roman governors and Greek persecution dramatically escalated tensions in the spring and summer of 66 AD as the Sanhedrin turned into a rebellious people's voice. After Roman Governor Florus massacred 3,000 Jews in the Second City market and then left 1,000 Romans to guard it, the Sanhedrin declared war and thousands rose across Judea. The Jews took over nearly every major city in Judea and