Hans Caspar Hirzel

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Hans Caspar Hirzel
hans when he was 30 or 40 years old
President of the Directory
In office
30 March 1813 – 27 March 1814
Preceded by Philipp Albert Stapfer
Succeeded by abolish
Personal details
Born 21 March 1725
Died February 8 1815

Hans Caspar Hirzel Was the last president of the Helvetic Confederation before it was replaced with Swiss Confederation he died after being removed as president.

early life

Hirzel was born in Zürich in 1725 and adopted the medical profession by his learning and intelligence. He was the teacher of Philipp Albert Stapfer and Johann Lukas Legrand who would later on also become presidents.

as president

He was elected as the last president in 1813 he couldn’t do anything but instead he was removed from office and replaced by the Swiss Confederation until this day the Swiss Confederation is still standing.

Personal life

After he removed as president. Hirzel also authored some historical eulogies and dialogues on religion and tolerance. He died of apoplexy