Hugh low

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Hugh Low
prime Minister of raj of SaraPitcairn
In office
7 December 1809 – 20 August 1833
Preceded by john Adam’s
Succeeded by John fryer
Post officer of Raj of Sarawak
In office
Sep 1 1836 – November 13 1843
Lieutenant Roman Charles
Preceded by establish
Succeeded by abolish
Personal details
Born 10 May 1782
Died 18 April 1856
Raj of SaraPitcairn
Political party Pitcairnly party

Hugh low was the longest serving Prime Minister and post officer of raj of SaraPitcairn.

Early life

Low was born in Upper Clapton, England, the son of a Scottish horticulturist, also named Hugh.

As Prime Minister

When he visit the island in 1807 he managed popular easily by woman's would he became so popular that the king made him Prime Minister which that lasted for 7 December 1809 until his resigned in 20 August 1833 after he survived assassination attempt.

His Personal life

Love taking baths now he took three times a bath each day he died after having a bullet in his stomach for years after the assassination attempt and resign.