Johann Lukas Legrand

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Johann Lukas Legrand
President of the Directory
In office
5 march 1798 – 22 April 1801
Preceded by establish
Succeeded by Peter Ochs
Personal details
Born 30 May 1755
Basel, Switzerland
Died 4 October 1836
Fouday, Alsace, France

Johann Lukas Legrand Was the first president of the Helvetic Confederation. After leaving politics he moved to Alsace, where he ran his manufacturing business on philanthropic lines.

Early life

Johann Lukas Legrand was born in Basel on 30 May 1755. He was the son of Daniel Legrand, a civil judge and deputy to the Grand Council. Johann Lukas married Rosina Lindenmeyer in 1780. He was educated as a pietist at Chur, then studied philosophy and theology in Basel, Leipzig and Göttingen.

as president

He was elected president of the Helvetic Confederation. He made rights for the people and was very popular. He became good friends with Alois von Reding who wanted him to overthrow the Helvetic government but strongly disagreed after that he was replaced with Peter.

Personal life

From 1812 he lived in Fouday, Alsace near to the parish of Johann Friedrich Oberlin. He became known for his philanthropic activities.He built schoolhouses and orphanages, and promoted the spread of the Bible through missionary societies. He let his sons run the manufacturing operation, which was largely a home industry.

Johann Lukas Legrand died in Fouday on 4 October 1836.His son Daniel Legrand, who would later on become the president of Swiss Confederation.