Johann Rahll

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Johann Rahll
President of Pitcairnly party
In office
30 November 1844 – April 18 1847
Preceded by Thursday October Christian II
Succeeded by abolish
Personal details
Born September 29 1788
Hesse-Cassel, Holy Roman Empire
Died April 18 1847
raj of SaraPitcairn

Johann Gottlieb Rall (also spelled Rahl) was a German colonel who move to the island in 1820.

early life

Rall was born as a so-called "soldier child" in 1788. He was a son of Captain Joachim Rall from Stralsund,

as president

It was elected president after the death of Thursday October Christian II he was royal to the kings and even wanted to resign for Charles (Who is the king at the time) but his presidency ended with the murder of him during the overthrow of raj of SaraPitcairn


The murder of johann by young rebel soldiers

In April 18 1847 Archduke Friedrich (who came a few weeks before) teamed up with Roman and Ned young (one of the founders) and Joshua to overthrow the King and during the overthrow he was shot by Ned young rebel forces his body was found the next day.