Joseph I of Austria

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Joseph I Johann
Emperor of Austria
In office
11 August 1804 – 19 December 1833
Preceded by establish
Succeeded by Felix I
Personal details
Born June 27, 1769
Died 19 December 1833
Frauenberg, Kingdom of Bohemia, Austrian Empire
Children Felix I

Joseph I Johann was the first emperor of Austria and good friend of Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor

Early life

Joseph was born as the first son of Johann I, Prince of Schwarzenberg and Countess Maria Eleonora von Oettingen-Wallerstein.

as Emperor

He was crowned emperor in 1804. In 1806, after the occupation by the French, he lost sovereignty over the Franconian and Swabian possessions of his House. In 1808 Joseph was accepted into the Order of the Golden Fleece. His wife Pauline died in 1810 in a fire during a ball in the garden of the Austrian embassy in Paris in honor of Napoleon's marriage to Marie-Louise of Austria.

Personal life

Joseph married in May 1794 Princess Pauline Karolina Iris von Arenberg-Aarschot (September 2, 1774 - July 2, 1810), daughter of Louis Engelbert, 6th Duke of Arenberg, and had six daughters and three sons And died in 1833.