Joshua w. hill

Joshua W. Hill Was a rebel leader and part of the overthrow of raj of SaraPitcairn and the president of Sarawaky party.

Joshua Hill
President of Sarawaky party
In office
20 August 1833 – April 18 1847
Preceded by John Adam
Succeeded by abolish
Personal details
Born 15 April 1800
United States
Died 1888

Early life

It’s unknown about his early life or childhood, but he came to the island when he was 23 years old He became good friends with Ned young and Roman Charles in which they made the republic party Sarawaky party.

as president

He was elected as president of Sarawaky party. he was resigned during the overthrow of raj of SaraPitcairn


In the Sarawaky party the party wanted to overthrow King Charles due to him losing power. so on the night of April 18 1847. With Ned young and Archduke Friedrich. They have a rebellion after a couple hours they manage to won replacing King Charles with Archduke Friedrich as emperor.

personal life

according to John Adams and Archduke Friedrich he never talked until the first royal election in 1847. He died of heart failure.