Manchu SSR

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Manchu Soviet Socialist Republic

Мандзҳу Собиет Дзучке Гонгҳего (Manchu Cyrillic)
Mandzhu Sobiyetu Dzhuchke Gonghego
Маньчжурская Советская Социалистическая Республика (Russian)
Man'chzhurskaya Sovetskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika
Flag of
Coat of arms
Anthem: "Yung Manju Aigoge"
"Patriotic Anthem of the Brave Manchus"

The Manchu Soviet Socialist Republic is one of the transcontinental constituent republics of the Soviet Union in East Asia. It was created on 12 January, 1938 from the Manchu-Soviet Annexation Treaty, stripping Manchuria of its sovereignty and making it a republic of the Soviet Union. In 1950 an independence movement caused the outbreak of the Manchu-Soviet War from 3 July, 1950- 12 February, 1954. After the war, the UN partitioned Manchuria, granting a small region of Manchuria independence, another portion of Manchuria was given to China.

The capital of the Manchu SSR is Haisenwai