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This game is based on the game originally created by Nathan1123 on FANDOM. It simulates mechanics from the popular board game of the same name. Rather than an arbitrary number game with heated arguments, as was the case in previous map games, conflicts in this game are entirely decided using methods similar to the original board game, which is largely RNG.

This world is a blank slate, without any canonical history in its timeline. However the Rotten Websites and Users some how ends up in that world planning to United Europe. Generally, the technology and society of this world is roughly equivalent to the Late Victorian-Great War.

So whether you want to push for a world conquest, or just want to enrich the world with your role-playing lore building, this game is right for you!






  1. No bullying
  2. The mods are the servant-leader of the game.
  3. Plausibility will not be strictly enforced. However, certain things will qualify your turn to be crossed out:
    • Objectively ASB or physically impossible actions.
    • Contradicting lore established by other players.
    • Ignoring game rules on armies or warfare, or attempting to circumvent them.
  4. No switching nations.
  5. One single defiance of the rules cannot be grounds to punish players. A player is only punished in the game if their actions breaking the rules are 1) persistent, 2) pervasive, and 3) unapologetic
  6. The mods have the ability to change any of the rules by a majority vote.
  7. If the game lasts long enough that one nation rules the entire world, then the current players will be polled on whether to continue the game.

Building armies

  1. Every province, either in a player nation or NPC, starts out with 1,000 troops
  2. You must have at least 100 troops in every province you own as of the beginning of every turn
  3. Every turn, your army increases by troops proportional to the number of territories you have. This increase is equal to the number of territories divided by three (rounded down), times 1,000
  4. The minimum number of armies gained per turn is 3,000 troops
  5. This also applies to the first turn
  6. You also gain additional troops per turn if you own every single territory in a larger region, as indicated on the regional map. The bonuses are listed in the next section. Even larger bonuses are given by owning every single territory in an entire nations.
  7. Starting on the fourth turn, you are allowed to request additional armies by mod response, completely independent of the automatic increase of troops listed above. The mod will decide whether this is successful, and the number of armies it receives, using an undisclosed RNG based algorithm. This is primarily based on how many provinces you have successfully conquered so far in the game.
  8. Each time you conquer a territory you are assigned a "card" by the mods, which consists of one of three "faces" and a province. When you request troops, you are essentially submitting the cards which the mod then checks to see if it gives you armies (that is, if the cards have three "faces" of a kind or a a full set). This means that you are more likely to turn in cards if you conquer more provinces. It starts out giving 4,000 additional troops, and continues to increase the more times cards are turned in. Additionally, you get another 2,000 troops for any provinces on the cards that you happen to own. 
  9. I did not originally feel the need to explain how all that worked, because from the players perspective it works just the same either way, but I feel now it is important people know what is going on.
  10. You cannot increase or decrease your army outside of these rules.
  11. You are allowed to freely move armies around at any point to other provinces you own during the turn, as long as the minimum number of 100 per province is satisfied at the end of the turn.
    • You can also move armies around after your algo is posted.


  1. You can only invade a nation using armies in territories that directly border it, including sea borders.
  2. You cannot invade a nation from a territory with 100 troops or less.
  3. You must move at least 100 troops into the territory you conquer.
  4. In order to request an algo, you must state 1) the territory you are invading, 2) the number of troops you are using, and 3) the maximum number of casualties you will tolerate before retreating.
  5. If two nations are allied to attack the same territory, only one of them will annex it.
  6. If two provinces both attack each other, then the province with the higher tolerance of casualties is counted as the attacker. If these are equal, then the province with the most troops is the attacker. However, if the attack fails then the roles switch between attacker and defender.
  7. You can call as many algos as you want in one turn, but they all have to be nations you directly border as of the start of the turn.
  8. You cannot edit your post on the attack if either an algo is made or the defender has posted. You can edit your post moving troops or requesting other algos unrelated to that attack.


  1. You sign up for a nation by filling out the information in the nations section below. The only truly required fields are name and provinces, and the rest, if non-applicable, can be listed as N/A or left blank.
  2. Technology and society of the world is roughly equivalent to the Late Victorian-Great War Era.
  3. There is currently no limit on points of divergence.
  4. Lore for the nation can include other player nations or NPCs. However, this has two caveats:
    • It cannot contradict lore established by the player
    • It cannot be used to circumvent rules on army building or warfare
  5. You cannot either lose or gain territory outside of the war mechanics above.



Fill out the following form in the relevant section where your nation is located. If your nation is transcontinental, place it in the continent where the capital is located.

  • Nation name:
  • Extent (list up to three numbers from the Provinces map):
  • Capital (OTL name if different): 
  • Leader(s):
  • Form of government:
  • Religion:
  • Brief description (2-5 sentences)
  • Player: (Sign here)