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Socialist People's Republic of Japan

日本社會主義人民共和國 (Japanese)
Nipon Shakai Shugi Jinmin Kyōwakoku
Flag of
Coat of Arms of
Coat of Arms
Motto: 一心団結磁力更生
isshin danketsu jiryoku kōsei
"Single-hearted unity and self-reliance."
Anthem: 正義の行進
Seigi no kōshin
March of the Righteous
File:North Japan Map.png
Capital Sendai
Common languages
Official language
Secular state
Government Federal Marxist-Leninist one-party socialist republic
Leader of the SCP  
• 1947–1955
Hotsumi Ozaki (first)
• 1985–1993
Tsetsuno Suguru
• 1947–1955
Hikaru Miyamoto (first)
• 1985–1993
Minato Nakamura (last)
Legislature Supreme Congress of the People
Historical era Cold War
19 April 1947 1947
30 November 1993
• 1947
Currency Japanese People's Yen (¥) (JPY)
Today part of Japan

North Japan, officially the Socialist People's Republic of Japan (SPRJ; Japanese: 日本社會主義人民共和國; Nipon Shakai Shugi Jinmin Kyōwakoku) was a socialist state that existed in Japan from 1947 to 1993, with formal soveriengty being recognized in 1952. A member of the Eastern Bloc, it was opposed by the American-backed Southern Japan and later the Western-allied Republic of Japan (South Japan). North Japan fell in 1993 when it reunified with the south, forming the current State of Japan.

Following the Surrender of Japan at the end of World War II and the subsequent occupation, the United States and Soviet Union divided Japan at the 36th parallel. The United States occupied Japan south of the 36th parallel and established the United States Army Military Government in Japan, while the Soviet Union established the Soviet Civil Administration in Japan. Tokyo was split between North and South Japan, until 1947 when North Japan moved its capital to Sendai

Administrative divisions

Map Namea Japanese Population (1980)c
Directly-governed City (Chokkatsushi)a
Sendai 仙台直轄市b 1,973,832
Special Economic Zone (Keizai Tokubetsuku)a
Sapporo 札幌經濟特區 993,502
Prefecture (Ken)a
Miyagi 宮城県 2,301,996
Hokkaido 北海道県 9,640,648
Akomori 青森県 5,237,984
Iwate 岩手県 3,210,534
Yukushima 福島県 6,810,286
Niigata 新潟県 4,227,496
Saitama 埼玉県 7,338,536
Toyama 富山県 5,844,898