Philipp Albert Stapfer

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Philipp Albert Stapfer
President of the Directory
In office
30 March 1813 – 27 March 1814
Preceded by Frédéric-César de La Harpe
Succeeded by Hans Caspar Hirzel
Personal details
Born 23 September 1766
Died 27 March 1840

Philipp Albert Stapfer Was the Helvetic Confederation but resigned in 1814 and replaced with his own former teacher Hans Caspar Hirzel.

Early life

He was born on September 23 1766 he learned science and art and became an artist and a writer he made newspaper before and after his presidency.

as president

He was elected president in 1813. He appointed himself as Minister of Sciences and Arts and he had also been making newspaper for the country in which many people still use his newspapers to this day.

Personal life

He became a philosopher after resigning but he died on march 27 1840.