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Welcome to Phuncies, an alternate history worldbuilding project. The point of divergence is 11,700 years ago when the last ice age ended. There are a few changes to the earth's geography; while a large portion of Ancient Doggerland did sink beneath the ocean, there are seventeen islands (once part of Ancient Doggerland) that remain. There is one large island (Doggerland-proper) and sixteen other islands which lie off of its coast. Brittany and Normandy are a single, unified state in northwest Europe. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia lost much of its territory to countries such as Mongolia, China, and Finland, though Russia still owns Ukraine and Belarus. Austria is part of Germany, and Mongolian settlers founded a small Khanate in the east of present-day Hungary some time in the 1350's, the Khanate still exists and is a democratic republic. Greece controls a large portion of the Balkans, and Turkey managed to hold onto a lot of the Balkans, too, before the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

The United States annexed Canada in 1812 and eventually conquered most of its present-day territory. In 1820 after the American-Canadian War, the US tried to annex the territory of Quebec, but had lost due to exhausted resources. In March of 1821, President James Monroe signed the Treaty of Montreal, officially recognizing a territory independent from the United States. Quebec gained its independence from Great Britain that same year. The United States also owns the Californian Peninsula (Baja California otl). There are two Californias atl; North California (California otl), and South California which consists of the Californian Peninsula. In Central America lies the Republic of Mediola, formerly an Italian colony which gained independence in May of 1865 after the Mediolan-Italian War.

The Chinese civil War lasted until 1962, the American-backed Nationalist Party emerged victorious. Tibet and Uyghurstan (East Turkestan) are both independent nations, though Tibet is the main power of Central Asia. Tibet annexed Nepal, the Himalayas, and Bhutan in 1980. Indonesia annexed Singapore in August of 1991. In Indochina, Laos was partitioned, though Isan (southern partition) was ceded to Siam. Some of northern Vietnam was ceded to China shortly after the Vietnam War. South Korea won the Korean War, and the Okinawa and Ryukyu are split between China and Japan.

Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea are all a single, unified state; the Federal Union of Oceania (FUO; Oceanian Union).

This is the blueprint for everything so far, but nothing is set in stone, changes can and will be made. If you're interested in joining, then comment below!