Ri Hyun Joo

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Ri Hyun Joo
Restored image of Ri in 1860, aged 27
Born 10 March 1833
Died 18 December 1912
Nationality Joseon Joseon (1833–1910)
Empire of Japan Japanese (1910–12)
Known for Korean dance, poetry, pansori
Children danc
Family Yeonan Yi clan (by birth)

Ri Hyun Joo (Hangul: 리현주; Hanja: 李玄姝; 10 March 1833 – 18 December 1912), also known by her kisaeng name Muye ("dancing shadow", 무예/舞翳) was a famous kisaeng of the Joseon Dynasty. She was grew up during the reign of King Sunjo, and lived to see the reigns of kings Cheoljong and Gojong. Ri was noted as the first kisaeng of mixed ancestry, as well as for her intellect and talent.