Roman Charles

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Roman Charles
prime Minister of raj of SaraPitcairn
In office
23 January 1790 – 18 October 1793
Preceded by establish
Succeeded by John Adams
In office
30 November 1844 – April 18 1847
Preceded by John fryer
Succeeded by abolish
Personal details
Born December 15 1779
Died may 20 1878

Roman Charles was the first and last Prime Minister of raj of SaraPitcairn and difference with all of the kings of the kingdom until the overthrow of the kingdom.

Early life

It’s unknown about his life, but we do know he was born in Scotland and met James when they were teenagers

as prime Minister

He was supported the first Prime Minister by James and until he resigned replacing him with John Adams. Keeping Prime Minister again in 1844 by Charles, the nephew of James became Prime Minister into the overthrown where he was part of the rebels.

Personal life

He always visit his family each time it’s a holiday. He died from a heart attack in England.