Schleicher's Reich

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Kurt von Schleicher

What if Kurt von Schleicher managed to hold onto power by dissolving the Reichstag as requested by Wilhelm Frick?

Point of Divergence

In a meeting with his cabinet, Kurt von Schleicher is convinced by Wilhelm Frick of the NSDAP to send the Reichstag into recess until a new budget was presented, a process that would be complete by the spring. Germany goes without a legislature for several months, which would be marked by economic growth due to Schleicher's public works programs initiated the previous year. However, political violence had also escalated between the national socialists and communists in Germany's streets, marked by the former's losses and the latter's gains in the previous elections. Upon reconvening, Schleicher entered talks with the German National People's Party (DNVP) and the NSDAP to discuss forming a government coalition to oppose the enlarged Communist Party. Hitler, once again, insisted on receiving the chancellorship, which was refused by Schleicher. Schleicher offered Hitler the vice chancellorship, an offer that, as expected, was refused by Hitler. In a secret meeting with Gregor Strasser, Schleicher said he would appoint him Minister-President of Prussia, so long as he could gain the support of the "left-wing" Nazi Party. Strasser accepts his offer, and an irate Hitler formally expels Strasser from the party. The Hitler-Strasser split becomes an open conflict as the following day, Strasser announces the creation of the German People's National Socialist Party (DVNSP), and soon elected Nazis began to choose between Hitler and Strasser.