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Shroob12 Kaisereich is the timeline of the Kaisereich world created by Shroob12 that takes place after WWI in which Germany wins WWI.


Mid to late 1914

  1. Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife assassinated by Serb Assassin, Serbia conquers Bosnia and Herzegovina and declares the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
  2. Russia conquers the rest of the Kingdom of Hungary (as Transylvania then is given to Romania), Moravia and Slovakia in which the Maharajahnate of Moraslovakia is created. Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya is declared King of Hungary and Roman von Ungern-Sternberg is declared the Maharajah of Moraslovakia.
  3. Germany after witnessing it's ally loose all of it's territory then declares war on Russia and Serbia to destroy them, France then declares war on Germany as it conquers North Italy to and South Tyrol to prevent Italy from joining and giving aid to Germany. Italy declares war on France for this and mass murdering Italians in it's way to destroy Germany.
  4. Germany invades the Netherlands and makes the regime a puppet state, Japan conquers Indonesia to prevent the Germans from gaining it. Denmark, Norway and Sweden declare war on Germany for conquering a Neutral Nation.
  5. France then invades Belgium to conquer Germany, Belgium backfires the whole invasion and conquers Northeastern France and makes Luxembourg a Puppet State. Britain ends it's alliance with Belgium and declares war on Germany. Germany and Belgium become friends as Belgium lets Germany invade France. Italy joins to conquer Southeastern France. France finally surrenders as Germany creates 3 Puppet States, Vichy France which is ruled by French Army Warlord Philippe Pétain, The French Empire ruled by a Persian born French Corporal by the name of Bahadur Bonaparte and the Duchy of Brittany which is ruled by the Orleans Dynasty who had ruled the Kingdom of France. Italy conquers Algeria and Morocco in which Italy creates the Puppet State known as the Maharajahnate of Morocco, a state that is a combination of Morocco, Algeria, and most of French West Africa which is ruled by the Sultan of Morocco who is now called Maharajah.
  6. Belgium and Germany notice that France had conquered Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia in the past and that they as the invaders would get the protectorates. Instead the 2 nations give the protectorates to Japan with German colonies in Asia and the Pacific ocean. In return the Japanese had to conquer all of Britain's Asian colonies. Germany invades Australia through German New Guinea.
  7. Japan conquers Burma and restores the Kingdom as a Puppet State, Japan conquers Manchuria from Russia and creates the Puppet State of Manchukuo in which the Qing Dynasty became the rulers of the country. Japan invades Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei through Indonesia.
  8. Norway, Sweden and Denmark invade Germany directly, but sadly Germany invaded those 3 nations so they could conquer Finland.
  9. Britain and Russia try to get help from Qajar Persia only to find out the Qajar Dynasty was overthrown by a Military Warlord by the name of Reza Shah who's Persian lineage goes back to Cyrus the Great becoming the new Shahanshah of Persia. Reza's coup was discovered to be supported by America and Japan which pissed of Britain who felt betrayed by it's own allies. The Qajar Dynasty heads into the Kurdish Regions as exiles.
  10. Britain gives the Osman to the Ottomans in return the Ottomans have to invade Persia and restore the Qajar Dynasty. The Ottomans attack Persia, but the Americans and Japanese repel the attack with the aid of the Germans officially confirming their alliance. Britain declares war on America by blowing up a German ship with German Americans on the ship.
  11. President Teddy Roosevelt declares war on Britain as Germany sends Vladimir Lenin into Russia to cause a Communist Revolution. The Revolution was successful as Lenin overthrew the Tsar and created a communist state. However Lenin turns the Russian Puppet States of Poland, Moraslovakia and Hungary into Communist States. Communist Russia then conquers East Prussia, Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia and turns them into Communist states. The Russian Tsar then becomes the King of the new Kingdom of Finland as Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya runs of to Ireland in exile as Roman von Ungern-Sternberg then conquers Bohemia in which it becomes the Bogd Khanate of Bohemia ruled by the The Mad Baron himself.
  12. Austria angry about loosing it's territory in Bohemia then tries to conquer it again, but it fails causing the Austrian Kingdom to go into anarchy. Austria blames Germany for making it loose more territory, but Germany conquers Austria to make it into a Puppet State. Germany then conquers the Bogd Khanate of Bohemia in which that becomes a Puppet State of Germany too.
  13. Reza Shah then conquers Turkmenistan, Southeast Uzbekistan and Tajikstan and turns the Khanate of Khiva and Emirate of Bukhara as Puppet States


  1. Japan and America fight against Britain, but Britain conquers the Phillippines which Japan liberates the country and creates it as a Puppet State. America was a little upset about this at first until Japan told them about the Union of South Africa which could be territory that has hordes of resources that America will love to have. America then realizes that Japan was right when they sent explorers there to see if Japan told the truth.
  2. America then conquers South Africa as it creates the United States of South Africa which consists of Colonies of African Americans created by America and the Puppet States of the Lesotho Kingdom, Swaziland Sultanate and the restored Zulu Kingdom. Reza Shah with Japanese and German help then conquers Afghanistan and India. Reza Shah then makes the Kingdom of Afghanistan, the Kingdom of Kashmir and Jammu, the Imperial State of Hyderabad, the Maharajahnate of Mysore and the Kingdom of Travancore as Puppet States. Reza Shah then creates the Maratha Confederacy consisting of the Maharajahnates of the former Maratha Empire in one Federal Monarchy and restores the Timurd Dynasty in Dehli and turns this regime into the Mughal Maharajahnate. The two nations become puppet States of Persia.
  3. After conquering India and Afghanistan, Reza Shah creates the Indo-Persian Empire a duel Monarchy ruled by Reza Shah and his dynasty the Pahlavi Dynasty and governed by Iranian and Indian Political Parties with the Puppet States of the Empire.
  4. Britain tries to conquer Libya with Egypt, However the Italians stop him as they help Egypt break free from British influence and the Italians share control of the Suez Canal with Egypt. Egypt becomes a Puppet State of Italy and conquers North of the British Sudan. Italy then turns the Sultanate of Darfur into a Puppet State. The Italians tell Ethiopia that it can have Eritrea and Italian Somali-land with South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda if they help the Italians fight against the Ottoman Empire. The Ethiopian Empire agrees to help Italy in a bittersweet way because of their past hatred to each other.
  5. Japan then conquers Tonga and turns the Kingdom into a Puppet State.
  6. Japan then conquers the Islands west of German New Guenia.
  7. Germany uses it's colonies in Africa with aid of Belgium and Italy to conquer French West Africa and all of British Africa. Italy after conquering French West Africa creates the Puppet States out of the deposed kingdoms known as the Sokoto Caliphate, Sultanate of Agadez, Sultanate of Damagaram and the Imperial State of Dosso.
  8. Belgium conquers the French Congo
  9. Germany conquers New Zealand
  10. Germany conquers all of British Africa.
  11. Persia conquers Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Zanzibar and the Tricual States as Puppet States of the Indo-Persian Empire. Reza and the Pahlavi Dynasty are happy with the creation of their new Empire as it is better than the Empire of their Paternal Ancestor Cyrus the Great.
  12. Italy makes Greece a Puppet State to prevent Greece from getting invaded by Communists
  13. Germany conquers Croatia and turns it into a Puppet State known as the Chiefdom of Croatia ruled by Baron Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel and the Wrangel Nobles as it's Caesars.
  14. Norway, Sweden and Denmark become puppet States of Germany, in return Germany gets Iceland and Greenland. Sweden conquers Finland for Germany in which the Romanov Dynasty ends up becoming German Puppets. Finland conquers Northern Estonia and creates the Estonian Emirate which is ruled by The now Deposed Romanian Royal Family as the Emirs of Estonia.
  15. Germany and Belgium with all of their Puppet States begin to Invade Great Britain.


  1. Serbian Royal Family joins with Serbian Royalists and the Norweigan Army in invading Scotland. After hard long battles and bloodshed, Scotland is conquered by Norway and Scotland becomes a Puppet State known as the Sheikdom of Scotland ruled by the Former Serbian King who now has the title of Sheikh.
  2. Belgium supports the Irish Independence Movement and creates the Imperial State of Ireland which is ruled by Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya who is now the King of Ireland. Ireland becomes a German Puppet State.
  3. Scotland and Ireland invade England which now made the invasion of England by Germany and Belgium with all their puppets easier. Great Britain finally surrenders as it's monarchs are killed with the rest of the royal family. The Hanovers returned to power as monarchs of England as England becomes a puppet state known as the Emirate of England.
  4. The Italians with Ethiopia and Indo-Persia then defeat the Ottoman Empire and liberate the Arab States. Italy gains Saudi Arabia (Country ruled by Ibn Saud), The Maharajahnate of Muscat (newly created and ruled the Rasheed dynasty), The Kingdom of Kurdistan (ruled by the Qajar Dynasty) and the Maharajahnate of Mesopotamia (ruled by the Hashemite Dynasty) as Puppet States
  5. The Treaty of Buckingham Palace is created.
    1. Treaty of Buckingham Palace
      1. All countries invaded by Germany that are created as Puppet States will be declared Puppet States of Germany, their colonies will become German Colonies
        1. England, Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, Vichy France, the French Empire, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Bohemia, Croatia, and Austria will become Puppet States of Germany with the Governments Germany put in place.
        2. British and French Army with the French Army and French Republicans must leave England and France at once. French exiles will go to Quebec and create French Republic, British Royals will go to East Canada and create the Kingdom of Canada. These people are forbidden to return to the British Isles and France for eternity.
        3. All colonies not in Asia that are belonging to European Powers Germany conquered will be German Colonies.
        4. West, North and Northeast Canada will become a German Colony known as Kanada.
        5. Australia and New Zealand will become German Dominions.
        6. Iceland and Greenland will become German Dominions.
      2. All Colonies invaded by America will become American Colonies, Protectorates of these colonies will become American Puppet States.
        1. The Kingdom of Lesotho, Sultanate of Swaziland and Zulu Kingdom (restored) will become American Puppets
        2. The rest of South Africa will become the United States of South Africa which will be a confederation of African American and Native South African Communities organized as states.
        3. All White Inhabitants of South Africa are exiled to the Boer Bureaucracy a German Protectorate north of South Africa.
      3. The Empire of Indo-Persia will be recognized with it's Puppet States.
        1. Afghanistan, Hyderabad, Jammu and Kashmir, Mysore, Travancore, Nepal, Mughal Maharajahnate (restored), Maratha Confederacy (restored), Oman, Qatar, Tricual States, Bahrain, Kuwait and Zanzibar, Khiva and Bukhara will become Puppet States of Indo-Perisa.
        2. Oman will split from Muscat as Muscat will be taken over by Italy as a Puppet State ruled by Abdullah I bin Al-Hussein.
        3. Soviet Russia will not invade Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and the Persian Puppet States in that region.
        4. All of India that is not a Puppet State acknowledged by Indo-Perisa will become a direct part of Indo-Persia or a Protectorate by seniority.
        5. The Xinjiang Clique will become autonomous protectorate of Indo-Persia
      4. Soviet Russia will create Communist States in Hungary, Moraslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Albania, Poland and East Prussia.
      5. All Colonies and territories invaded by Japan will be given to Japan
        1. Japan will annex Burma, Selangor, Perlis, Brunei, Terengganu, Kedah, Kelatan, Pahang, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Bhutan, Tibet, Sikim, Cambodia, Laos, Tonga and Vietnam as Puppet States
        2. Japan will gain German Colonies in Asia and the Pacific given to them by Germany.
        3. Japan will gain Indonesia as Colony as Brunei will extend it's borders West and North in Borneo. The Sultanates of Aceh (restored), Serdang, Siak Sri Indrapura, Riau-Lingga (restored), Deli, Yogyakarta, Cirebon, Surakarta, Pontianak, Banjar, Sulu, Bima, Gowa and Tidore will become Japanese Puppet States.
        4. Manchukuo will become a Japanese Puppet State
        5. All European Concessions in China will be given to Japan, Indo-Persia and America
        6. Korea will be turned into a Puppet State of Japan ruled by Yi dynasty (aka Joseon Dynasty).
        7. Hong Kong and Maccau will be given to Japan as Colonies
      6. All Colonies and territories invaded by Italy will be given to Italy
        1. Southeastern France will be given to Italy
        2. Italy will gain the Maharajahnate of Morocco (merged with Algeria and French West Africa), Kingdom of Egypt, Ottoman Empire, Maharajahnate of Mesopotamia, Saudi Sultanate, Sultanate of Darfur, Mutawakkilite Maharajahnate of Yemen, Maharajahnate of Muscat, Sultanate of Agadez, Sokoto Caliphate, Sultanate of Damagaram and the Imperial State of Dosso as Puppet States.
        3. Libya will be turned into a Puppet State ruled by Idris I as King of Libya.
        4. Ethiopia will gain all of Sudan not ruled by Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, the two Somalilands, Dijubouti and Eritrea.
        5. Corsica will be a Puppet State of Italy ruled by Dynasty of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
        6. Slovenia will be a Puppet State of Italy ruled by Bulgarian Royal Family
      7. All Territories invaded by Belgium will be given to Belgium
        1. Belgium will gain Northeast France and South of the Netherlands.
        2. Belgium will gain French Congo and all territories east of French Congo as Colonies.
        3. Luxembourg will become a Belgian Puppet
      8. British and French Governments will pay $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 in War reparations to Germany, Belgium, USA, Japan and Indo-Persia and $1,000,000 extra for colonial cruelties.


  1. After Loosing many territory, the Republic of China is angry, angry that they lost Tibet and Manchuria to Japan. Yuan Shikai becomes the new Caesar of China as Chang Kai Sheck becomes the new Prime Minister. The Republic of China becomes the Confederacy of Chinese Imperial States (each Imperial State is ruled by a Warlord.)
  2. Mongolian Maharajahnate overthrown by the Communist Party of Mongolia which is a Proxy of Soviet Russia. The Maharajah of Mongolia, Bogd Khan steps down and then becomes the the Maharajah of the newly established Maharajahnate of Mengjiang which is set up in Inner Mongolia.
  3. Soviet Russia then conquers Northwestern China (except the Xinjiang because it's clique declared itself a autonomous protectorate of Indo-Persia) and creates Communist China.
  4. Japan invades East and South China and creates the Puppet States out of the Yunnan Clique ruled by Long Yun and New Guangxi clique ruled by Wang Jingwei.
  5. Japan conquers Shanghai and created it as a Puppet State known as the Sultanate of Shanghai which is ruled by Zaiyi (aka Prince Tuan) as Sultan and Führer of Shanghai.
  6. Japan then turns all of East China into the republic of China which then is ruled by Chang Kai Sheck, the Beijing Area becomes the Imperial State of China which makes Yuan Shikai the Caesar of China. Both nations become Puppet States of Japan. All of China is conquered by Communist China.
  7. Treaty of Beijing created
    1. Treaty of Beijing
      1. The Maharajahnate of Mengjiang, Imperial State of China, Yunnan Clique, New Guangxi clique, Shanghai Sultanate and The Republic of China will become Japanese Puppet States.
      2. The Shan States of Hsenwi, Hsipaw, Kengcheng, Kengtung, Mongpai, Mongkawng (Mogaung), Mongmit, Mongpawn, Mongnai, Yawnghw and Wanmaw (Bhamo) will be become a Japanese Puppet State known as the United Imperial Shan States because of their hard support.
      3. All Mongolia conquered by Communist Mongolia and all of China conquered by Communist China will become Puppet States of the Soviet Union.
      4. Japan and Soviet Russia will have to pay $1,000 in War reparations
  8. After the victory China was split into Puppet States ruled by Soviet Russia, Indo-Persia and Japan.


  1. Boers infiltrate the American South and kill African Americans like crazy. The Boers are terrorists who want to get revenge for the White ethnic citizens of South Africa who were kicked out by African Americans and America's Puppet States in South Africa. Teddy Roosevelt has General George Patton raid the Boer infested State of Georgia.
  2. The Boers then join the Ku Klux Klan and they under the leadership of Woodrow Wilson and Dr. Samuel Green lead a coup against Teddy Roosevelt to create a Fascist regime that restores White Domination in South Africa.
  3. America then conquers Yucatán and creates it as a state for Gypsy people. Mexico is pissed and declares war on America. Italy gets involved and leads an invasion expedition to Mexico. Roosevelt then suppresses the coup against him by Wilson and Green as the two are exiled to the Boer Bureaucracy in Africa. After the Coup, Roosevelt then arms up the border between Mexico and Texas.
  4. The third Mexican-American War begins as Mexico invades American soil. Italy then attacks Mexico City and conquers all of Mexico as America then gets Yucatán as a colony.
  5. Japan annexes the states of Baja California and Baja California Sur and creates the Colony of Japanese California.
  6. Treaty of La Paz created
    1. Treaty of La Paz
      1. Woodrow Wilson and Dr. Samuel Green and the Ku Klux Klan will be exiled to the Boer Bureaucracy, the Autonomous region of German Africa.
      2. Mexico will become an Italian Puppet State known as the Catholic Oligarchy of Mexico ruled by Jozef Gašpar Tiso as Oligarch
      3. Japan will annex Baja California and Baja California Sur and create the colony of Japanese California
      4. America will annex the Yucatán region and create a mandate that will be the Homeland of Gypsies, Jewish and Native American People.
      5. All Nations will pay $1,000,000 in War reparations
  7. After Victory Mexico was annexed by Italy as a Puppet State ruled by the Slovakian Oligarch Jozef Gašpar Tiso who then annexed all of Central Africa into the Puppet State after they requested to join the country. Panama was denied because they are a Puppet State of America.
  8. Germany turns Boer Bureaucracy into a Puppet State. Dr. Samuel Green becomes the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, the ruling Bureaucrats of the Boer Bureaucracy.
  9. Kingdom of Canada finds a Prince of the Windsor house named Peter who is married to the daughter of a Native Canadian Chieftan named Mia. Peter becomes the King of the Canada as his wife Mia becomes Queen-Consort. The King and Queen are recognized by the Parliament and the rest of the world except Germany.
  10. Charles De Gaulle becomes President of Quebec (The Republic of France)
  11. Britain and Quebec (France) create an alliance.


  1. The Nobles in Italy's military are the only people being paid money for their services of the war. This Angers Benito Mussolini a young Army Warlord. Mussolini then unites the troopers and they create the Fascist Party. The Party then overthrows the Nobleman Prime Minister and Mussolini becomes Prime Minister of Italy and creates a Dictatorship.
  2. An Austrian Born Bavarian Corporal by the name of Adolf Hitler is furious that the Jewish Population is causing trouble with the Kaiser over not annexing Palestine to create a Jewish State to the point they are stealing the Princely State of Bavaria's money and supporting Communist Gangs causing violence against the Government. The Jewish people do this because they are tired of discrimination and religious persecution by the German government. Adolf Hitler then unites the Army and various Bavarian royals and Nobles into a group known as the National Socialist Party in which they take over the Parliament of Germany. At the request of President of the Privy Council, Erich Ludendorff and the King of Bavaria, Ludwig III influenced the Kaiser to make Hitler Germany's Prime Minister. Wilhelm II accepted Hitler as Prime Minister.
  3. Lenin is assassinated by an agent of Hitler's Nazi Party named Hermann Fegelein. Joseph Stalin then succeeds Lenin as General Secretary of the Soviet Union.
  4. Teddy Roosevelt dies in office and his vice President General Douglas MacArthur becomes the new President of the United States.
  5. Hitler declares Armed-SS led by Hermann Fegelein as the official armed forces of the German Puppet States and Colonial Soldiers as the Allgemeine SS led by Heinrich Himmler as the Secret Police of Germany and the Geatspo led by Adolf Eichmann will become the Secret Police of Germany's Puppet States and Colonies. The Kaiser approves the decision of these decrees.
  6. Nationalist Francisco Franco leads a coup against a Liberal Prime Minister in Spain who is trying to abolish the Monarchy and replace it with a communist confederacy. Francisco gets help from Military Officer Miguel Primo de Rivera, Hitler and Mussolini who then overthrow the Prime Minister. Miguel Primo de Rivera becomes President of the Privy Council of Spain as Francisco Franco becomes Prime Minister.
  7. Spain gains Southwestern France from Germany to gain French resources in the region. In return Germany gets Catalonia as a Colony.
  8. Portugal tries to conquer the region of German Africa that is between it's colonies of Angola and Mozambique. Portugal invades Zimbabwe through Mozambique and the Boer Bureaucracy through Angola. Germany then puts a stop to this with the help of Italy and Spain. Portugal looses and the Treaty of Lisbon is created.
    1. Treaty of Lisbon
      1. Portugal will be annexed by Spain
      2. Italy will gain the Colonies of Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau
      3. Germany will gain the Colonies of Angola and Mozambique
      4. Portugal will pay $1,000,000,000 in War reparations
  9. Portugal falls and it's colonies are given to Italy and Germany.
  10. Argentina conquers the Falklands which results in Germany forcing Argentina into an economic Alliance to prevent an Argentinian monopoly on the Falklands Oil Market and to be the main buyer Argentina's meat.
  11. Spain conquers the Caribbean (except Cuba and Puerto Rico) and makes Haiti, The Dominican Republic, and Trinidad and Tobago as Puppet States.
  12. Brazil's Republic is overthrown by Army Warlord Getúlio Dornelles Vargas who then becomes the new Caudillo of Brazil. Brazil conquers Guyana and the German Colonies of French Guiana and Suriname with Southern Venezuela, Southeastern Colombia, Northeastern Bolivia, Southeastern Colombia, East Peru, Northern Argentina, Uruguay and Northern Paraguay. Germany declares war on Brazil to get those colonies back, Argentina is forced to join as it tried to get back it's Northern Territory back. They get the aid of Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay who want their territories back. All of them loose as Brazil wins the war.
    1. Treaty of Buenos Ares
      1. Brazil will gain the territories it gained and make them a part of Brazil
      2. Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Paraguay will be punished for failing the war by the following
        1. The remains of Colombia will merge with the remains of Venezuela and Ecuador and become a German Puppet State known as the Gran-Colombian Confederation. The Confederation will be ruled by the Three Pashas. Talaat Pasha rules the region of Colombia, Ismail Enver Pasha will rule Venezuela and Ahmed Djemal Pasha will rule Ecuador.
        2. The remains of Peru and the remains of Bolivia will become the United Bolivian-Peruvian Bureaucracy which will be a Brazilian Puppet State
        3. South Paraguay will become a part of Argentina in place of Northern Argentina.
        4. Argentina will become a German Puppet State ruled by Juan Perón
      3. All sides will pay $1,000,000,000 in War reparations
  13. After that Germany has power in South America and a trade route to Australia and New Zealand. The Kaisereich has begun.