The 1982 Afrikaaner coup in South Africa

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Flag of the Afrikaneer Resistance Movement in 1982
    Sign used by the ARM
    In the 80's, racial unrest in South Africa between the Boers and the African Americans living there was huge. Everyday people were killing each other for their color which led to the government led by the National Party declare martial law on 8 March 1982 under Gen. Endrik Solivjern who was also the founder and leader of the Afrikaaner Resistence Movement. Shortly after, on 14 of March 1982, gen. Endrik overthrew the government and established the ,, Boer Liberation Military Government". Immediately after the coup many people began to flood the streets and demand new elections and dissolution of the military government, but they were suppressed brutally by the newly formed ,,Afrikaan National Militia". In total 28 people were killed and another 139 injured. After this gen. Endrik disbanded the parliament and the constitution. From 1982 to 1983 the military government wasn't recognized by anybody but in 1984 under the pressure of UK, the UN agreed to recognize it. In 1985 a new constitution was adopted which led to the dissolution of the military government and Endrik became president of Sud Afrika. During that period many blacks and other minorities, different from Afrikaans, were slaughtered( it is estimated that around 13,000 people were killed). In 1987 Sud Afrika declared war on Lesotho which led to a military occupation until 1990. In 1993 Endrik was shot in the right arm while giving a speech in Pretoria which paralyzed him there. In 1994 27 black people were massacred in a small town outside Johannesburg by ANM[1]. In 1996 the UK, USA and the Netherlands agreed that if Endrik doesn't step down from power, they will invade Sud Afrika. In June 1996 Endrik refused to step down and in September the same year, the three countries invaded the country which lasted until 1998. In February 1999 Endrik was captured and executed by British forces and Sud Afrika was renamed to South Africa, the Afrikaaner constitution was removed the country remained under occupation till 2002 when a Holan Junder was elected as president, he represented the South African Unity Party.
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