The Sun Sets in Tsushima

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The Flag of the Rising Sun

Japan has affectionately been named the "land of the rising Sun," both honoring the goddess of the Sun Amaterasu and due to its geographic proximity to the international date line, it is the first nation to experience a new day. Its name, however, also came to reflect Japan's history. Whereas China and the rest of Asia fell to European imperialism, Japan advanced ahead of the rest of the eastern world, rose to become a great power, and ultimately built her own empire by 1941.

The Russo-Japanese War was a wake-up call to Europe and North America that Japan was becoming an equal power. Most nations had expected Russia, with its enormous military and population, to emerge victorious over the island nation of Japan, but in a turn of events, the Imperial Japanese Navy crushed the Russian Navy at the Battle of Tsushima. This shocking and decisive defeat caused widespread unrest in Russia and forced them to negotiate peace with Japan. But, what if under better leadership, the Russian Navy managed to hold strong and defeat the Japanese? What if, rather than the Land of the Rising Sun proving her strength at Tsushima, what if The Sun Sets in Tsushima?