Thursday October Christian

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Thursday October Christian
king of SaraPitcairn
In office
9 September 1802 – 18 August 1833
Preceded by James Brooke
Succeeded by Thursday October Christian II
Personal details
Born 14 October 1792
Raj of SaraPitcairn
Died 18 August 1833
Raj of SaraPitcairn
Political party Pitcairnly party

Thursday October Christian was the second king of SaraPitcairn and the son of Fletcher Christian.

Early life

Thursday was born on 14 October 1792 to Fletcher Christian and Mauatua Maimiti


He became king when he was 10 years old in 9 September 1802. He is the longest reigning king of the island. lasting from 1802 to his death in 18 August 1833. He died when he was 40 years old .being his successor was his son Thursday October Christian II

Personal life

Apparently to his father The young boy was “ very sensitive to a lot of loud noise” historians has found out that he have autism it’s unknown if he did. but just like his professor, he would love to go outside a lot and practice his guns.he died peacefully in his house.