Thursday October Christian II

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Thursday October Christian II
king of SaraPitcairn
In office
18 August 1833 – 30 November 1844
Preceded by Thursday October Christian
Succeeded by Charles Brooke
Personal details
Born 24 March 1802
Raj of SaraPitcairn
Died 30 November 1844
Raj of SaraPitcairn
Political party Pitcairnly party

Thursday October Christian II was the king of SaraPitcairn and the first prince of the Pitcairn island

early life

He was born on 24 March 1802 like his father, he was very sensitive to a lot of loud noise and probably did had autism.


After his father died he became king Thursday the II but it wouldn’t last very long because he died in 1844 but except for his father, who was the longest serving king of the island.

personal life

Due to never seen his mom He never got married Because he didn’t want to see his kids “ The mom disappeared like a ghost” so died without a heir replacing him with James nephew Charles.