Timeline (Carpe Diem)

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20th Century




  • Vienna, Austria-Hungary, 28 July: Austria-Hungary formally declares war on Serbia after the former's ultimatum expires.
  • Berlin, Germany, 1 August: Germany declares war on Russia, honoring its pact with Austria-Hungary.
  • Berlin, Germany, 3 August: Germany declares war on France. Belgium subsequently denies passage of German troops into France.
  • Tokyo, Japan, 27 November: Germany makes its final offer to Japan, promising authority over Anglo-French ports in China, as well as control over Korea, Manchuria, and Indochina, in exchange for entering the war on behalf of the Central Powers.
  • Hong Kong, 1 December: The Imperial Japanese Navy shells the British port of Hong Kong just hours after declaring war on the United Kingdom and Russia. Japanese forces begin landing in a week.
  • Hong Kong, 7 December: The Battle of Hong Kong's land campaign begins as the first Japanese forces land in Hong Kong.


21st Century