Timeline (No Napoleon)

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18th Century



  • 14 March – General Napoleon Bonaparte dies of the plague after visiting his soldiers who had been suffering from it.

19th Century



  • 16 June – The coup of 28 Prairial is executed by General Jean Victor Moreau and Jean-Baptiste Jourdan, commanding hundreds of soldiers to seize and occupy Paris. The Directory is formally dissolved as is the Parliament and France effectively becomes a military junta, with Moreau serving as Interim President of France.


  • 4 June – The first French presidential election is held, and Interim President Jean Moreau is elected to a full term in office. He is sworn into office on 1 August 1804.


  • 30 September – The Geneva Agreement is signed between France and the Helvetia. The agreement stipulates that France will honor a referendum held in Helvetia that would determine its status as a sister republic. Helvetia would vote overwhelmingly in restoring the Swiss Confederation and breaking away from France's sphere of influence, effective New Years Day 1806.