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  • Ashes Soaked in Blood – An alternate history novel based around the Germania Incident.
    • The timeline diverges when Adolf Hitler dies during his stroke-induced coma in 1956, just after Hermann Göring is arrested by the Gestapo. Heinrich Himmler secures his position as Reichsführer of Germany and orders the immediate executions of Göring, Rudolf Hess, OKW Chief Ferdinand Schörner, Albert Speer, and other people deemed threats to his position. It becomes clear to the Channel Pact that this is not a bluff by Germany and that Hitler is indeed dead, and soon President Douglas MacArthur raises defense readiness to DEFCON 3 given Himmler's well-known desire for total German domination. After securing his grip on power, Himmler launches a purge not unlike that conducted by Joseph Stalin in the 1930s, ordering the trial and execution of much of the Wehrmacht's high command, and eventually turning on his protege Reinhard Heydrich. Himmler also formally bans party members from A year after taking power and purging Germany of any opposition, Himmler gives the go-ahead for Chancellor Goebbels' Totalen Sieg plan, starting first by conducting a full-scale war against non-Germans living between the AA line and the Ural Mountains. Shocking imagery from OSS and MI6 agents shows Einsatzgruppen forces using chemical gas on civilian centers and the sheer brutality of the genocide. Shortly after, Himmler turns his attention towards Benito Mussolini, who has been quietly soliciting support from the Channel Pact. Himmler declares war on Italy and launches a massive offensive that included the invasion of neutral Switzerland, a move that forced MacArthur to issue a 72 hour ultimatum to Germany to cease all hostilities with the Swiss and Italians. On June 6, 1957, the United States formally declares war on Germany.
    • In just hours, Himmler responds by dropping nuclear bombs on Bern and Trieste, holding off on striking the Pact directly. German bombers terrorize the British Isles while Italian and later American soldiers faced chemical attacks at the hands of the Waffen-SS. However, it did not take long for the American war machine to completely mobilize, and soon Anglo-American bombing raids were pummeling northern Germany with napalm firebombs and their own bio-weapon, Agent Orange. As the Italian Front ground to a stalemate, the Channel Pact launched a full-scale naval invasion of France and the Low Countries just three days after the war began. Himmler orders the mobilization of every person in Germany to rally in defense of the fatherland, and now facing defeat, Himmler decides to start using nuclear weapons against the pact. At the Battle of Reims, several U.S. Army divisions are incinerated in a German bombing attack, and newly-liberated Paris is bombed as well. MacArthur raises the threat to DEFCON 1 and gives the order for retaliatory strikes on German targets. The war reaches its darkest point with London going up in flames, and soon New York City, Boston, Halifax, and Washington, D.C. are destroyed in suicide bombing raids by the Luftwaffe. Himmler survives the first nuclear strike on Germania and wandered out into the ruined city, visibly shaken by the sight of burning buildings and ash raining from the sky. His entourage of a few SS officers and guards reach a ruined Protestant cathedral. Air raid sirens begin sounding as he stands pale-faced, looking up at the darkened sky through the destroyed roof, and then looking at the recreation of Jesus' crucifixion on the altar. When urged by his entourage to return to the bunker, Himmler does not acknowledge them, simply saying "No" as a guard tried to grab him by the arm. The group, visibly confused and concerned, decide to leave Himmler by himself at the church.
    • Standing in the row of empty pews in which he banned any party member from sitting in, Himmler reached down and took a Bible coated in dust, thumbing through it until his eyes fixated on John 11:35: "Jesus wept." The air raid sirens were still sounding off and the sound of panicked screams were nearby, but Himmler could not hear them anymore. He finally realized what he had done, that millions upon millions are dead, and millions more are about to die, all because of him. It was too late to change his order to eviscerate every member of the Pact. The realization of his deeds, the fact that death was upon him, and that humanity itself may be gone too, broke him. The once esoteric, ruthless Reichsführer collapsed to his knees in front of the altar, begging for forgiveness, cursing himself for his neo-Paganism and his orders to kill indiscriminately. His life flashed before his eyes, as if he was witnessing his transformation from man to monster. His tears filled his glasses, only repeating "God, forgive me" over his sobbing, and soon, everything turned blinding white. He was turned into another faceless shadow on the walls of ruined cities. No one knew that the "shadow of the praying man" was indeed Heinrich Himmler begging for forgiveness. On September 30, 1957, Himmler was gone.
    • After Germania was hit with a second bomb, Oberstgruppenführer Josias Waldeck-Pyrmont, commander of the Waffen-SS in Ostmark, formally declared himself acting head of state and sent a simple message to General Thomas S. Power: CEASE ALL HOSTILITIES. Germany lay in anarchy, ruin, and confusion, with Waldeck-Pyrmont as its nominal leader. Power relayed the message to MacArthur (now giving orders from Camp David), who responds by ordering a total unconditional surrender from Germany. Power relays the message to Waldeck-Pyrmont, who reluctantly accepts, ending the war on October 2, 1957. Germany had been defeated, but the Channel Pact was not the winner. Britain was in ruin, the Prime Minister and Queen were presumed dead, and riots were breaking out in the United States and Canada. There were no celebrations like when Japan surrendered in 1945, instead there was martial law and social breakdown.