Vinland - The Modern Norse

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Vinland is a Constitutional Parliamentary Federal Monarchy in North America. Vinland, officially, The Kingdom of Vinland was formed around the year 1008 AD after most of the remaining Norse Population of Scandinavia and Germany fled Europe in fear of persecution and discrimination. Leif Erikson, who had called for colonizers to help colonize Vinland was revered by the Norse pagans as their savior for bringing them a new home. His son, Thorgil would become the first monarch of Vinland. An interesting side note is that Vinland's royal family, The House of Erikson, remains after the House of Yamato of Japan, the second oldest ruling royal dynasty in the world.

Vinland's capital is Leifthorp which is Vinland's third most largest city with a population of 8 million. Norjoror which had a population of 13 million is the largest city and Jororfjord is the country's second largest city with a population of 10 million. The country has a population of 97 million with the majority of the country, about 76 million being of the 'Vinnish Race', a mixture of Norse, Beothuk and Irish genes. The remainder of the population is divided between the Irish which have the second largest ethnic group in Vinland with a population of 8 million. The remaining 12 million are made up of Native Americans, English, French and Russians. The Country's primary and national language is Norse with Irish, English, French, Russian and the NAtive American languages being recognized languages. In terms of religion, Vinland remains the most religious country in the western hemisphere with 75 million following the Norse Faith, 11 million following the Catholic faith, 4 million following the Protestant faith. Remaining 5 million practice the old animist religions of Native America and the Orthodox faith and about 2 million identify as atheist.